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Shabji Garlic Chilli
A very hot dish of assorted fresh vegetables extensively prepared with fresh garlic and chillies in a lingering piquant sauce.
+ Add (£8.25)
Afgani Aloo Chana
+ Add (£8.25)
Muglai Shobji Massala
+ Add (£8.25)
Vegetable Masala
Assorted fresh vegetables delicately blended in an elusive tangy cream sauce.
+ Add (£8.25)
Korahi Paneer
Cubes of paneer (Indian cheese) cooked with diced onions, peppers and herbs in a thick korahi sauce. Served on a hot sizzling iron skillet.
+ Add (£8.50)
Mixed Vegetable Relish
A collection of various fresh vegetables prepared in a special blend of fresh coriander relish sauce with a slight infusion of garlic and ginger.
+ Add (£8.25)
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